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    Who Is This Program For ?

    This Program would be beneficial for team members in HR, Compliance, Admin, Legal and Executives managing payroll, Labour and Employee related matters.

    Any graduate

    Min 6 months

    Early, Mid or Advance all can do

    Achieving higher career growth in payroll, Labour and Employee related matters.

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    What you will learn:

    This module will help the candidate with the knowledge of Payroll Management. Learn about HR planning, Employee transfer, and the Increment process. Know about the Income under the Head Salaries u/s 17(1) of Income Tax Act 1961. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Reimbursement management, attendance management, and Salary components.

    Income Under The Head Salaries u/s 17(1) of Income Tax Act, 1961

    • Meaning of Salary, Wages, Annuity and Retirement benefits
    • Allowances and type of Allowances
    • Valuation of Perquisites and Taxability of Perquisites
    • Retirement benefits
    • Salary Components in terms of Fixed and Variable:
    • Setup Payroll Administration and Functions
    • Structure of cost to the company – CTC Annexure
    • Bonus Payment and Treatment of Bonus
    • Fee and Commission and Overtime Payment
    • Taxable and Non-Taxable Payments (Exempted)


    • Fully taxable allowances
    • Partially taxable allowances upto bills produced
    • Partially taxable allowances upto limits
    • Fully tax exempted allowances


    • House to stay
    • Car by employer under different conditions 
    • Driver by employer
    • Medical Insurance
    • Superannuation
    • Furnishings
    • NPS

    This module will equip the candidate with knowledge of the Labour law Statutory Compliances. Become aware of Employee Provident fund, Employee state insurance, Labour welfare fund, and more. 

    Employee Provident Fund – PF

    • What is a covered establishment?
    • PF Wages, Contribution accounts & Rates
    • PF Deposit Date                

    Employee State Insurance – ESI

    • What is a covered establishment?
    • Existing Wage Limit, ESI contribution rates, Contribution Periods

    Professional Tax – PTAX (PT)

    • Professional tax applicability
    • Professional tax slab state-wise
    • Professional tax calculator
    • Professional tax payment & registration

    Labor Welfare Fund – LWF

    • Labor welfare fund applicability
    • Labor welfare fund rate(slabs) state-wise
    • Where to deposit Labour Welfare Fund   

    Professional Tax – PTAX (PT)

    • PT applicability 
    • PT slabs statewise
    • PT exemptions and calculation

    Statutory bonus and Gratuity

    • Labor welfare fund applicability
    • Labor welfare fund rate(slabs) state-wise

    This module offers knowledge about the Tax Saving investment to the candidate. Know the deduction under the Income Tax Act , Investment proofs examination under section 80C, and more. Gain knowledge about the LTA, HRA, Leave Encashment, and Deduction of Interest on Housing Loan u/s 24(b) of Income Tax Act, 1961

    Tax Deduction at Source – TDS

    • What is Income-tax?
    • Income tax slabs and Income tax Computation 

    Deduction (u/s 80C – u/s 80U) of Chapter VI-A of Income Tax Act, 1961

    • Deductions under section 80C.
    • Deductions under section 80D, 80E, 80U.
    • Deductions under section 80DD, 80DDB, 80CD2
    • Deductions under section 80G, 80GG, 80GGA,
    • Deductions under
    • Validation or Examination of Investment Proofs and Reimbursement Claims
    • Investment Proofs examination Under section 80C
    • Investment proofs examination others
    • Expense Bill examination of Reimbursements
    • Limit of Deductions and max eligibility up to Pro Rata, Previous Employer Income.
    • LTA, HRA, Leave Encashment, and Gratuity Exemption Calculations
      Leave Travel Exemption
    • House Rent allowance – HRA Exemption
    • Leave Encashment Exemption
    • Gratuity Exemption, Exemptions others. 
    • Deduction of Interest on Housing Loan u/s 24(b) of Income Tax Act, 1961
      Meaning of House Property
    • Essential conditions for taxing income under this head
    • Interest on borrowed capital, Standard deductions
    • Deductions from income from house Property [Sec.24]
    • Calculation format, and Examples

    Calculating tax payable from employee salary after all exemptions and deductions

    This module will guide you through Payroll Processing methods. Learn to gather payroll inputs and set up employee information on Razorpay and excel sheet. Apply Compliances rule & Tax Rates and Determine Calculation & Deductions. Know about step-by-step verification and payroll checking. 

    Claim and Reimbursement Management

    • Claim Management Module.
    • Expense bills Submission.
    • Medical Reimbursement, and Travel Reimbursement.
    • Type of Reimbursements.
    • Disbursement of Claim Reimbursement.

    Attendance Management System and Resignation (Full and Final) of Exits

    • Time Management System.
    • Leave Management System.
    • Type of leaves, and Leave without Pay Calculation.
    • Full and Final Settlement Input and Calculation.

    Gather Payroll Inputs, Setup Employees Information in Payroll System -Razorpay

    • The Features of Payroll Processing.
    • Employee Profile setup.
    • Update Payroll Changes.

    Verification and Payroll Checking Step by Step

    • Prepaying variance reports of Monthly Payroll Payout.
    • Transformation of Payroll inputs.
    • Attribution of head-count and cost payout.
    • Income Tax deduction and Variance of Income Tax deduction – TDS.
    • To give maximum benefit to Employee on investment declaration.
    • Ensure Calculation of variance Compliances, PF, ESI, P.TAX, LWF, etc.

    Salary Register, Slips, Bank Transfer and Management Information System – MIS

    • Overview on salary Slip and Salary Register.
    • Management Information Reports – MIS, Variance of Payroll and Cost Center Reports.
    • Bank Transfer to the Employee, Cost to Company Reports.

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      In the 1st class itself, I got to learn all new things. They also share you the recording in case you miss the classes or need revision for future.

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      Day 1, loved the session on competency mapping.....Very explanatory, to the point... The material shown was very easy to understand and relate to... Thanku and looking forward to other sessions...

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      Training session was very interesting, knowledgeful and helpful, Richa ma'am is very well explained the each and every things, she is very good tutor

      Ishita Roy


      It was a great experience. I got to learn so many things. By far the best session i ever attended.

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      As the world of work evolves, so does the need for education related to labour law and workplace regulations in the HR domain. To that end, the SkillDeck

      Labour Law Certificate Course offers an overview of the various employment-related legal topics. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge and shows participants how to apply these concepts in their careers. By dissecting court decisions and analyzing current trends in labour law, participants can gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.

      • HR & Administration Personnel Office & Factory
      • Managers/Supervisors Legal & Secretarial Personnel
      • Payroll personnel Project managers & Supervisors Labour Law Practitioners
      • Finance professionals Owners of SMEs & business Establishment Directors, Businessmen, traders & senior management personnel of private limited companies professional.
      • Who deal or intend to deal with labour laws related matters Law, IT Professionals, CA, CS, Line Managers & Staff managers.

      The pedagogy is highly interactive, comprising case studies, interactive sessions, quizzes, assessments, class participation, presentations, project work, and class exercises imparted by SkillDeck  faculty to help participants gain the knowledge, understanding, and hands-on skills to immediately apply their learning in the workplace.

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