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Indian Labour Law & Statutory Compliances Program

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    Who Is This Program For ?

    This Program would be beneficial for team members in HR, Compliance, Admin, Legal and Executives managing payroll, Labour and Employee related matters.

    Any graduate

    Min 6 months

    Early, Mid or Advance all can do

    Achieving higher career growth in payroll, Labour and Employee related matters.

    Explore Our Syllabus

    What you will learn:

    1.1. Important Definitions
    1.2. Statutory Agencies And Their Powers For Enforcement Of The Act
    1.3. Approval, Licensing And Registration Of Factories
    1.4. Notice By Occupier
    1.5. General Duties Of The Occupier
    1.6. General Duties Of Manufacturers Etc.
    1.7. Measures To Be Taken By Factories For Health, Safety And Welfare Of Workers
    1.8. Special Provisions Relating To Hazardous Processes
    1.9. Working Hours Of Adults
    1.10. Additional Provisions Regulating Employment Of Women In A Factory
    1.11. Employment Of Young Persons And Children
    1.12. Annual Leave With Wages
    1.13. Penalties And Procedures

    2.1. Important Definitions
    2.2. Fixation Of Minimum Rates Of Wages [Section 3(1)(A)]
    2.3. Revision Of Minimum Wages
    2.4. Manner Of Fixation/Revision Of Minimum Wages
    2.5. Procedure For Fixing And Revising Minimum Wages (Section 5)
    2.6. Advisory Board
    2.7. Central Advisory Board
    2.8. Minimum Wage – Whether To Be Paid In Cash Or Kind
    2.9. Payment Of Minimum Wages Is Obligatory On Employer (Section 12)
    2.10. Fixing Hours For A Normal Working Day (Section 13))
    2.11. Payment Of Overtime (Section 14)
    2.12. Wages Of A Worker Who Works Less Than Normal Working Day (Section 15)
    2.13. Minimum Time – Rate Wages For Piece Work (Section 17)
    2.14. Maintenance Of Registers And Records (Section 18)
    2.15. Authority And Claims (Section 20-21)
    2.16. Offences And Penalties

    4.1. Act to have overriding effect
    4.2. Duty of employer to pay equal remuneration to men and women workers for same work or work of a similar nature
    4.3. Discrimination not to be made while recruiting men and women
    4.4. Authorities for hearing and deciding claims and complaints
    4.5. Maintenance of Registers

    5.1. Introduction
    5.2. Important Definitions
    5.3. Registration Of Factories And Establishments Under This Act
    5.4. Employee State Insurance cash and medical benefits
    5.5. Administration Of Employee State Insurance Scheme
    5.6. Employee State Insurance – different forms, registers, returns

    6.1. Introduction
    6.2. Application Of The Act
    6.3. Important Definitions
    6.4. Schemes Under The Act (EPS,EDLI ) .Employer,Employee portal practically
    6.5. Determination Of Moneys Due From Employers
    6.6. Different forms, registers, returns

    7.1. Object And Scope Of The Act
    7.2. Application Of The Act
    7.3. Act Not To Apply To Certain Classes Of Employees
    7.4. Calculation Of Amount Payable As Bonus
    7.5. Eligibility For Bonus And Its Payment
    7.6. Bonus Linked With Production Or Productivity
    7.7. Power Of Exemption
    7.8. Penalties
    7.9. Offences By Companies
    7.10. Compliances Under The Act

    8.1. Introduction
    8.2. Application Of The Act
    8.3. Who Is An Employee?
    8.4. Other Important Definitions
    8.5. When Is Gratuity Payable?
    8.6. To Whom Is Gratuity Payable?
    8.7. The Controlling Authority and the Appellate Authority
    8.8. Rights And Obligations Of Employees
    8.9. Rights And Obligations Of The Employer

    9.1. Object And Scope
    9.2. Definitions
    9.5. Employers Liability When Contractor Is Engaged
    9.6. Compensation
    9.7. Obligations And Responsibility Of An Employer
    9.8. Notice And Claim
    9.9. Medical Examination
    9.10. Procedure In The Proceedings Before The Commissioner
    9.11. Appeals
    9.12. Penalties
    9.13. Special Provisions Relating To Masters And Seamen
    9.14. Special Provisions Relating To Captains And Other Members Of Crew Of Aircrafts
    9.15. Special Provisions Relating To Employees Aboard Of Companies And Motor Vehicles

    10.1. Scope And Application
    10.2. Act Not To apply To Certain Establishments
    10.3. Important Definitions
    10.4. The Advisory Boards
    10.5. Registration Of Establishments Employing Contract Labour
    10.6. Effect Of Non-Registration
    10.7. Appointment Of Licensing Officer And Licensing Of Contractors
    10.8. Welfare And Health Of Contact Labour
    10.9. Rules Framed Under The Act By The Central Government On The Question Of Wages
    10.10. Penalties And Procedure
    10.11. Inspectors
    10.12. Maintenance Of Records & Registers

    11.1. Introduction
    11.2. Employment of or work by women prohibited during certain periods
    11.3. Right to payment of maternity benefits
    11.4. Notice of claim for maternity benefit
    11.5. Nursing breaks
    11.6. Abstract of Act and rules there under to be exhibited
    11.7. Registers
    11.8. Penalty for contravention of Act by employer

    12.1. Prohibition of employment of children in certain occupations and processes

    13.1. Important Definitions
    13.2. Certification Of Draft Standing Orders
    13.3. Date Of Operation Of Standing Orders
    13.4. Posting Of Standing Orders
    13.5. Duration And Modification Of Standing Orders
    13.6. Payment Of Subsistence Allowance
    13.7. Interpretation Of Standing Orders
    13.8. Temporary application Of Model Standing Orders

    14.1. Introduction
    14.2. Object And Significance Of The Act
    14.3. Important Definitions
    14.4. Types Of Strike And Their Legality
    14.5. Legality Of Strike
    14.6. Dismissal Etc. Of An Individual Workman To Be Deemed To Be An Industrial Dispute
    14.7. Authorities Under The Act And Their Duties
    14.8. Reference Of Disputes
    14.9. Voluntary Reference Of Disputes To arbitration
    14.10. Strikes And Lock-Outs
    14.11. Justified And Unjustified Strikes
    14.12. Wages For Strike Period
    14.13. Dismissal Of Workmen And Illegal Strike
    14.14. Justification Of Lock-Out And Wages For Lock-Out Period
    14.15. Change In Conditions Of Service
    14.16. Unfair Labour Practices
    14.17. Penalties

    15.1. Introduction
    15.2. Mode of registration
    15.3. Application for registration
    15.4. Provisions contained in the rules of a Trade Union
    15.5. Certificate of Registration
    15.6. Incorporation of registered Trade Union
    15.7. Cancellation of registration

    16.2. Exemption from returns and registers required under certain labour laws
    16.3. Penalty

    17.1. DEFINITION
    17.2. Act not to apply in relation to certain vacancies
    17.3. Notification of vacancies to employment exchanges
    17.4. Employers to furnish information and returns in prescribed form

    18.1. Definitions
    18.2. Qualification For Being Engaged As An Apprentice
    18.3. Contract of apprenticeship
    18.4. Obligations of employers
    18.5. Obligations of apprentices
    18.6. Apprentices are trainees and not workers
    18.7. Records and Returns
    18.8. Payment to apprentices
    18.9. Hours of work, overtime, leave and holidays
    18.10. Conduct and discipline
    18.11. Settlement of disputes
    18.12. Authorities under the Act
    18.13. Offences and penalties
    18.14. Offences by companies

    19.1. Introduction
    19.2. Scope Of Labour Audit
    19.3. Methodology Of Conduct Of Labour Audit
    19.4. Benefits Of Labour Audit

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