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Who is this program for

This Program would be beneficial for team members in HR, HR Managers, HR partners, HRBP, Sr. HR heads. For working HR professionals

Any graduate

Min 1 year in HR

Mid or Advance all can do.

Achieving higher career growth in Strategic Human Resources Business

Explore our Syllabus

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to competency-based HRM
  • Understanding competencies ,Functional, core and Managerial
  • Framework of setting competencies
  • Competency mapping on excel
  • Competency evaluation
  • ADC exercises
  • Understanding competency matrix
  • Introduction to the job interview
  • Types of interview questions
  • The behavioural event interview
  • Structure of a behavioural event interview
  • Finding the STAR
  • Strategies for conducting an effective BEI

Employee Provident Fund – PF

  • What is a covered establishment?
  • PF Wages, Contribution accounts & Rates
  • PF Deposit Date                

Employee State Insurance – ESI

  • What is a covered establishment?
  • Existing Wage Limit, ESI contribution rates, Contribution Periods

Professional Tax – PTAX (PT)

  • Professional tax applicability
  • Professional tax slab state-wise
  • Professional tax calculator
  • Professional tax payment & registration

Labor Welfare Fund – LWF

  • Labor welfare fund applicability
  • Labor welfare fund rate(slabs) state-wise
  • Where to deposit Labour Welfare Fund   

Professional Tax – PTAX (PT)

  • PT applicability 
  • PT slabs statewise
  • PT exemptions and calculation

Statutory bonus and Gratuity

  • Labor welfare fund applicability
  • Labor welfare fund rate(slabs) state-wise

1. Data storytelling using trends and benchmarks.

  • Benchmarking and its applications.
  • Trend analyses, its applications and pros and cons

2. Change management and appreciative enquiry

  • Understanding change and its challenges.
  • Lewin’s change model
  • Change management ice berg model.

3. Influencing skills

  • Introduction to power and its types of sources.
  • Negotiation and its various types.
  • Use Appreciative Enquiry as a tool
  • Types of PMS frameworks
  • Selection of PMS framework
  • OKR model
  • OKR with PPP
  • KRA/KPI model goal setting
  • Balance scorecard
  • KPI framework
  • Track the achievement of the KPI
  • Report the achievement of the KPI
  • Improve the achievement of the KPI
  • Concept of performance appraisal
  • 9 box grid evaluation
    Bell curve
  • Other methods to do appraisal
  • Section management
  • Design of performance appraisal form
  • Using of performance appraisal review form
  • Linking appraisal with PMS & competencies
  • Making pay ranges with Benchmarking of Salary
  • Total rewards
  • Strategy & rewards
  • Comp and benefit strategy design
  • Pay principles
  • Internal equity, External equity , Individual equity with midpoint progression, pay range spread
  • Salary slabs, Pay Parity, Median
  • Sales compensation
  • Pay Gap analysis
  • Point plan method for job grading and setting up levels
  • Implementing and facilitating a robust succession planning process.
  • Build an approach that will allow your organisation to keep its leadership pipeline full and flowing
  • 9 box Grid System
  • Decision on salary increment pool
  • Linking model with L&D
  • Introduction to HR Policies
  • Vision and Value Alignment in HR policies
  • Policy Classification
  • Understanding policies and procedures
  • Creation of HR Policies
  • Structure of HR policies
  • Most used HR Policies
  • Introduction to some HR agreements / contracts
  • Offer letter
  • Appointment letter
  • Terms of employment, Bonds
  • Contracts and service agreements
  • Background verification
  • Joining formalities
  • Leave Management
  • Introduction to Learning & Development
  • DNA of training – KSA
  • Four levels of Skills Development
  • Types of learning programs
  • Approaches to training
  • ADDIE Model (An introduction to the phases
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation (Criteria of evaluation, Methods and Kirkpatrick’s Model)

  Need of HR Budget in an organisation
      •  Skills required for preparing HR Budget
  •  HR as a cost centre
      •  Important aspects to be considered before budgeting
      •  Step by step guide for creating HR budget
  •  Important stakeholders to be considered
  •  Components of HR Budget
  •  First budget iteration
      •  Final budget
  •  How to monitor and measure results
  •  HR Budgeting best practices

  • Aggregate and combine Human Resources data in Power BI & Excel and building beautiful dashboards
  • Connect transactional data in Power BI & Excel

    ●Build relationship between related data sources in power BI

    ●Create comprehensive reports and interactive dashboard with Power BI

    ●Understanding different metrics of HR

Understanding the need for HR Policy

  • Primary things to keep in mind for creating effective HR Policies
  • Developing Policies
  • Step by Step process of drafting policies
  • Do’s and Don’t’s to follow
  • Important aspects once the policy is created
  • Internal Template to draft a policy
  • Art of successful implementation of policies
  • Practical drafting of Policy
  • Practical examples and assignments

Dimensions of HR audit

  • HR Strategies
  • HR Competencies
  • HR Culture
  • HR Values
  • HR Impact

Methodology of HR audit

  • Interviews
  • Group Discussion and Workshops
  • Observation
  • Analysis of Records and Documents
  • Questionnaires

Audit of HR system

  • HR audit vs HRD audit
  • Labour laws & Compliance Approach with audit
  • Evaluating different labor laws to do labor law audit

HRD audit

  • Competency Mapping
  • Manpower Planning
  • Recruitment
  • Induction and Integration
  • Performance Management
  • Potential Appraisal and Assessment Centres
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Training and Learning
  • Organization Development
  • Generic HR activities
  • Audit on Engagement and important HR metrics
  • Evaluating HR scorecards
  • Strategies Evaluation

    • Auditing of Culture Building
    • Auditing Talent Management
    • Auditing Communication Strategy

Preparing Reports
Risk and mitigation table Assessment

Grading matrix

Finalise preparation of report with 5 steps

Interested in HRBP Course?

Hear it from our Alumni

Halan Sivashankar


A very well structured training program made easy to understand even for a fresher. And not to mention the trainer, she comes with rich experience in the field of HR and showed great patience answering every question put forward by the participants.

Fredrick Castro


Excellent and skilful training. Well organised. The entire team is courteous and walks with us throughout the session. They are helpful to us whenever we have any queries. Value for money. I simply love this because even if I miss out on something, i can always refer to the recording and refresh my memory. Very good .. Keep it up

Life and Srabasti


The experience was amazing and the course is very informative. I got to learn many things which I never knew before, and I am very sure that will help me a lot in my TA career. Richa is a very knowledgeable and patient trainer and it was a bliss to be trained by her.

Jyotirmaya Muduli


The trainers Ms. Richa, Ms. Arpana and Mr. Sohan are really very good and always explained with many real-time examples. The SkillDeck is very good for Learning. I will surely recommend this institute if u want to improve your Personal and Professional Skills and Knowledge.

Why SkillDeck?

  • Globally recognised Platform
  • DIPP,ISO,MSME from Govt of India
  • Globally accepted certification
  • Practical Learning
  • Recording,Material accessibility for lifetime
  • Career Guidance
  • Join 40,000+ members worldwide
  • Future-focused and human-centric
  • All the tools you need to level up your career

Fee & Batch Details

Invest in your future with affordable degree fees and flexible batch options

Program Fee

16000 INR + 18% GST

Installment Plan

If you will pay a lump sum amount 15% discount is given if in installment then no discount on total cost.

Instalment I: INR 10,000 + GST, Deadline: Dec 31st, 2023
Instalment II: INR 6000 + GST, Deadline: Jan 20, 2024
Batch Details

Application Closure Date for Jan batch: Dec 31, 2023
Date for 1st Class: Jan 6th , 2024 at 10 AM
Course End Date: Feb 17th 2024 (Tentative)
Payment Partners
Seats On First Come- First Serve Basis.

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Strategic Human Resource Partnering Course Training Certification Process


Counseling &

Consult one of the counselors to enroll in the right batch. Register yourself for Strategic Human Resource Partnering Course


Attend the Training in Strategic Human Resource Partner Course

Attend the Instructor-Led Sessions of the Strategic Human Resource Partnering Course and get your Course Completion Certification. Go Through the Recorded Sessions, in case you missed any topic or training


Submission of Projects Assigned

Submit the Hand-on Projects assigned during the training to the Trainers for Assessment and Certification


Earn Certification

Post Completion of the training, get Course Completion Certification of Strategic Human Resource Partnering Course from The SkillDeck®


Curriculum is specifically engineered to meet the expectations of leading tech companies.

As the world of work evolves, so does the need for strategic human business partners. This course will def will make you subject matter expert in human resource business partnering

  • HR & Administration Personnel Office & Factory
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Anyone interested in strategic Hr planning with little background of human resources

The pedagogy is highly interactive, comprising case studies, interactive sessions, quizzes, assessments, class participation, presentations, project work, and class exercises imparted by SkillDeck  faculty to help participants gain the knowledge, understanding, and hands-on skills to immediately apply their learning in the workplace.

Programme Fees: Fee is 16000 INR + 18% GST

If you will pay a lump sum amount 15% discount is given if in installment then no discount on total cost. Instalment schedule

  1. Instalment I: INR 10,000 + GST, Deadline: Dec 31st, 2023
  2. Instalment II: INR 6000 + GST, Deadline: Jan 20, 2024

This is an online instructor led course where trainer will teach you over zoom



Yes skillDeck is a globally accredited firm with international accreditations and is also ISO, DIPP ,MSME registered under Indian laws so your certificate is globally accepted

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